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Bee Chama Honey Products
Our varietal honeys come packed in glass hexagon jars. Specify which variety you would like in the notes of your purchase. Allow 7-14 days for processing and shipment.

THE BEST DEAL: Order a case of 12 jars     
and we'll give you FREE shipping! $140     

Mix and Match your varieties if you like, 
                       Even Include 12oz jars of BEE POLLEN as part of your order! 
             Bee sure to specify your variety in the notes, and try as many as you can! 

Quart Honey Jars
We DO NOT ship this size honey jars.
Our fresh bee pollen is soft, because it's never been dehydrated. This is pure plant material, and each little granule was gathered by a bee from more than 400 flowers. It's packed with protein and essential amino acids, along with the B vitamin complex. You can order it here along with your honey or you can find it at our farm store! It must be kept cool or frozen for the BEST shelf life. 
12oz Honey Jars
This is real Skin Food! It's all natural and organic skin care, made in small batches with no chemical preservatives. Each one contains raw honey and/or beeswax, and a few of these facial creams include Royal Jelly, the special nectar that the bees create especially for the Queen. These products contain real plant ingredients and natural fragrances from the essential oils of a variety of trees, fruits and flowers. And all the proceeds from the sales of these products goes to charitable community projects! To learn more, or to place an order through Shay's website, click  HERE.
Shea Butter & Raw Honey Skin Care 
O'Hara's Jams & Jellies
All Natural, No preservatives, and freaking amazing. Katy makes her jam in Durango, CO and you may have met her at some of the art festivals where we sample our honey. She makes a jam or jelly for every taste and occasion, from cream cheese & Jalapeno Jelly on a bagel in the afternoon, to a dollop of Raspberry Jam on top of a banana at breakfast. Can't decide between the sweet or the spicy? Try her bestselling Raspberry Jalapeno! Lots of varieties are available at the farm store, or you can check out her website and place an order HERE.  
Raw Beeswax Candles :) 
Available only at the Farm Store!

All orders will appear on your bill as INSIGHT INC, a community CHARITY PROJECT.
4oz Mini Jars! 
Fresh, Frozen 
Royal Jelly! Available only at
 our Farm Store and at our events!
Offered in 13 varieties, Perfect for gifts! 

3 jars for $20 + $5 shipping

Order a variety case of 12 jars & get

Mix and Match! Specify your chosen honey in the notes of your purchase. BEE POLLEN is also available as an option in this size.  
Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese!
We Love these people and We LOVE their farm! This is a world class product, I assure you, and great for people who need dairy that's low in lactose! Lots of spices and flavors to choose from, preserved in the traditional Mediterranean style with oil, so it's safe to ship! Available at our farm store, or you can check out their website and place an order HERE!
6 jars for $70 + $15 Shipping and Handling
3 jars for $35 + $10 Shipping and Handling
Mini Varieties: Desert Wildflower, Sage/Willow, Mountain Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Strawberry/Raspberry, Star Thistle, Meadowfoam, Snowberry, Avocado, Basswood, Canola, Mountain Gamble Oak, Carrot, Alfalfa, Wild Blackberry, Avocado and Cats Claw/Mesquite.